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  • Scientific preservation method of iron oxide yellow.

    How are the iron oxide yellow pigments that we commonly find on the day? Iron oxide yellow is a hydrate crystal of iron oxide. What is the production process of iron oxide yellow? It is a crystal product with good light resistance, acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance and coloring effect....
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  • Production process of iron oxide yellow

    The chemical formula of iron oxide yellow (also known as hydroxy iron) is a-Fe2O3-H2O or a-FeOOH, which is a needle-like structure and is yellow powder. It is a particle size of less than 0.1um and is well divided in transparent media. Sexual iron pigment, which has strong coloring power, high hi...
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  • What are the benefits of colored pavement?

    In order to meet people’s needs and beautify the living environment, colorful roads make our city full of colors, which won’t be monotonous even in winter. Here are the details: Colored pavement is composed of colored asphalt concrete, which not only has the characteristics of ordinar...
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