Will Google destroy the entrepreneurial spirit in India? Many tech startups think so

Vijay Shekar Sharma, CEO of the funding company Paytm, is actually a family title in India. He has declared war on Google’s actions. He has considered unfairness and monopoly with the CEOs of many different technology startups.
The hatred of Google has been brewing, but when Paytm was dismissed by Google’s Play retailer, the outright hostility finally fell to the floor because the search tycoon mentioned that Paytm violated its coverage due to its participation in sports betting.
Sharma and Paytm were surprised that not only received a popular email notification and then the email was delisted, but due to this accusation, there are several scratch card-based cash back features related to cricket entertainment. The procedure is the same as what Google has been pursuing through its personal funding service through Paytm.
“The mere provision of cash back and coupons does not mean a violation of our Google Play Play insurance policy. We responded in an email statement: “Our insurance policy does not allow online casinos or assist any unregulated play that can simplify sports betting. App, as well as the fantasy sports activities in India every day. ”
When Paytm suspended the supply of its app, it was allowed to enter the app retailer again a few hours later, but by then the damage had been completed. An angry Sharma slammed the search giant and condemned its high performance. As he mentioned, it is “choice, jury, executioner and beneficiary”.
After all, the root cause of this incident is the larger situation, which has brought many Indian technology start-ups in line with Google. This is the same issue that angered Epic Video Games, the maker of Fortnite, a sensation in the world of gaming-in particular, the 30% charge to app builders is a kind of coverage, and Apple covers it appropriately.
As some people claim, this is a 30% gatekeeper fee, which is used for in-app purchases in addition to content-based subscription providers such as video games, courtship, and health. The non-taxable items are clothing, groceries or air tickets.
Sharma’s rally to Google was quickly supported by online technology start-up pioneer Murugavel Janakiraman, the founder of India’s main marriage website bharatmatrimony, which is now called matrimony.com and he has been marketing to Google activity.
Janakiraman said: “For digital companies and cost companies in India, this is the death knell.” “How can companies survive by paying 30% Google tax and Apple tax?” He added.
More than 90% of India’s 700 million smartphones use Google’s Android operating system, so there is actually no variety. According to the “Currency Only” report, Google Play hosts 131,625 applications from more than 26,835 Indian publishers.
Fortunately for Sharma, however, he has at least one ally in the U.S. Department of Justice. In the past week, he filed the largest antitrust lawsuit against Google’s father or mother Alphabet since it was 1990. One against Microsoft in the late decade.
The last time the science and technology community noticed the disaster caused by this monopolistic behavior was in 1999, when Microsoft’s Home Windows operating system put pressure on all PC customers from the corporate browser Web Explorer.
If a person buys a PC again, like 95% of residents did, then they are likely to use Explorer instead of Netscape, the most popular browser at the time. Since then, Netscape has gradually become nostalgic and obscure. Memories.
The Ministry of Justice sued Microsoft, and the prosecutor in the case eventually found that the company was responsible. Then select the command to split. However, this never happened, and the end result was almost toothless.
Back to the fashion era, here are some of the issues that Indian tech entrepreneurs are increasingly facing: Guess who currently holds the largest share of the global browser market? What is the most important share of Cell OS on the planet? The most important application retailer in the world? What is the significance of the most diverse web searches?
As you might have guessed, the answer to all 4 emails is Google. This is the ecosystem that entrepreneurs have begun to move towards.
At the same time, as far as Google is concerned, how much does a large number of queries cost the gatekeeper? Is 30% a rigorously calibrated amount related to the Play retailer’s infrastructure and its recognized and enviable security round funding? Or is it just arbitrary?
“I think we realize that 30% of the methods are too high,” Phillip Shoemaker, a former app retailer senior government, said in a new article in the New York Times.
Shoemake mentioned that this proportion must be close to 3%, which is a significant reduction of 10 times, and much less, and it is an extra thing to be consistent with the fees charged by bank card companies for processing transactions.
But Google said that various app builders offering in-app purchases on Google Play accounted for only 3% of the total, and only 3% of these 3% (in other words, a small number) do not use Google’s billing system. With different wording, Google thinks this is not a big deal.
After all, when discussing the 30% decision, the difficulty of fairness was not actually resolved. Another report in the New York Times indicated that it was Apple that really took the lead in reducing Apple’s stock price by 30%. Apple borrowed this amount from the 27 cents in revenue for every 99% of the tracks sold on iTunes, and then The remaining income is transferred to the reporting company.
This was a time when cost options were restricted. Due to this fact, content material suppliers did not have much resistance, but in a sense, they have gradually become followers of the industry.
It makes perfect sense. Each Apple and Google has adopted a 30% ratio. Consider that Apple has swallowed $19 billion of the total digital goods sales of $63.4 billion in the past 12 months, while Google has swallowed $33.8 billion. 10 billion US dollars. Use the same technology. Think about what will happen to inventory costs and options if this cake is cut in half.
However, at present, this allegedly outdated, arbitrarily calculated hangover may cause trouble for every Google and Apple, especially as the wind of authorization begins to blow to every company. In any case, Epic Video Games has stated that it can make a profit by reducing in-app widgets by 12% from its personal website.
Sharma of Paytm once again launched an onslaught on Google in India. He convened many different service providers, as well as loyal supporters of the Indian technology and business community, such as Ola, Netmeds and Domino’s Pizza, to restore his views.
In a short period of time, Sharma established a “micro-app retailer” on Paytm’s website, and most of his people mentioned that they intend to take refuge and escape Google’s 30% improper guillotine. He also plans not to charge any fees for the service. It remains to be seen how attractive and attractive to the environment.
At the same time, Google has extended the deadline for compliance with Google Play retailers to March 31, 2022. This is due to “local needs and considerations” considerations, and Sharma immediately announced that this is equivalent to “contrived behavior.”
To test whether there are enough incentives to move people to Google’s 30% tax, there is no doubt that this really aroused Sharma’s anger. For a long time, Paytm has been a major digital fund provider in India, and it has not been so far ahead and has a large share of the market.
However, by 2020, in terms of digital funds involving the use of the Unified Fund Interface of India (UPI), Google Pay (which only started operations in November last year) has jumped to the highest market share of 40% at an alarming rate and has been carefully adopted PhonePe by Flipkart. At the same time, Paytm has dropped to an incredible 15%.
This should arouse anxiety among Sharma people. Nevertheless, this is actually the most effective case of his attempts to work towards the huge search field.
Technical experts. Social media guru. Evil problem solver. Chief writer. Internet lovers. Internet nerd. Enthusiastic player. Twitter lovers.
Technical experts. Social media guru. Evil problem solver. Chief writer. Internet lovers. Internet nerd. Enthusiastic player. Twitter lovers.
Technical experts. Social media guru. Evil problem solver. Chief writer. Internet lovers. Internet nerd. Enthusiastic player. Twitter lovers.
Addams’ Wednesday Addams family movie and TV series are already a bit scary, but if you replace her face with the Parks and Recreation character Ron Swanson, she looks even more creepy.
When it comes to AI, YouTuber thinks it’s easy to replace actress Christina Ricci, who performed Wednesday Adams in the 1993 movie Addams Family Values, and Played with the park and entertainment character Ron Swanson (Non Provideman) in this funny and convincing Deepfake video.
A wealth of information from streaming media, superheroes, memes to video video games to entertain your mind.
Deepfake is a movie disguised as a movie that convincingly shows people what they are doing or saying they have never done it. In this case, it grafted Swanson’s stern expression to the face of Adams on Wednesday.
In the Deepfake video, we saw Swanson’s face with a beard on Addams’ body on Wednesday. Just like on Wednesday, trapped in a summer camp with “normal” young people, he seemed to be troubled.
Now, not considering Swanson as the distant cousin of the Adams family is already very burdensome. Every Swanson and Wednesday has a relentless aversion to most people. In addition, each actor Offerman and Ricci are experts in providing boring conversations.
This is not the first time Offerman’s Ron Swanson character has become the topic of a disturbing but humorous Deepfake video. YouTube character DrFakenstein replaced Swanson’s mustache cup to replace all the faces of every character in the 90s family-friendly sitcom Full House.
Technical experts. Social media guru. Evil problem solver. Chief writer. Internet lovers. Internet nerd. Enthusiastic player. Twitter lovers.
Technical experts. Social media guru. Evil problem solver. Chief writer. Internet lovers. Internet nerd. Enthusiastic player. Twitter lovers.
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