What are the factors that affect the coloring of iron oxide red?

Iron oxide red pigment, as a product with strong coloring ability on the market, has of course also been widely used. However, some small partners will affect the coloring and covering ability of iron oxide red if they are not paying attention when using it. Huamei Chengde iron oxide red manufacturers have summarized the following factors that affect the coloring ability of iron oxide red based on years of experience:
  First of all, the physical properties of iron oxide red itself, and this physical property cannot be changed, so we can only try to avoid it. If iron oxide red is used, then this physical property cannot be changed. Secondly, the particle size of the iron oxide red pigment will also affect its hiding power. The hiding power of the finer particles is generally better than the coarser particles, because the hiding power increases as its particle size increases from 0.07μm. And the hiding power is reached between 0.15~0.22μm, and then as the particles continue to increase, the hiding power will slowly decline.
  So if you want to use a better iron oxide red, you can choose from the aspect of hiding power, that is, choose iron oxide red with fine particles. In addition, the content of iron oxide red is also one of the factors that directly affects the hiding power. The higher the content, the better the hiding power. The difference in refractive index between the post-iron oxide red pigment and the solvent can also gradually affect the hiding power. The greater the difference in refractive index, the stronger the hiding power. Therefore, the difference in refractive index should also be paid attention to during production.


       Because the opacity of iron oxide red can play a huge role in use, we need to understand the factors that affect the opacity of iron oxide red, so that we can solve the problem fundamentally and promote the performance of the product. Give full play to and guarantee the quality of the product, so in the use of the product, we must minimize the factors that affect the product’s hiding power.

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Post time: Jul-21-2020