What are the advantages of iron oxide yellow

Iron oxide yellow is a common inorganic pigment, which is gradually recognized by us by virtue of its own advantages. During this period, Huamei Chengde Iron Oxide Yellow Pigment manufacturer will introduce to you what are the advantages of iron oxide yellow:


1. In general, iron oxide yellow has certain acid resistance. If the acid concentration in the liquid is not high, then complete dissolution can be achieved within a certain period of time.

2. In an alkaline environment, no reaction will occur. The common use of these products is to use in cement. The cement is very stable no matter what concentration it is placed in an alkaline environment.

3. Iron oxide yellow will not be affected by light. We all know that many paints need to be protected from light during the placement process in China. But even under the scorching sun, this kind of products will not show color changes or deterioration.

4. Under a certain temperature, the product has been very stable, and there will be no color change. But if the fruit exceeds a certain range, the trend of change will accelerate.

Post time: Jul-30-2020