Precautions when using iron oxide yellow

Iron oxide yellow can be used as exterior wall paint spraying, under normal circumstances we will put iron oxide yellow into the spray gun for use. In this issue, Huamei Chengde Iron Oxide Yellow Manufacturer will introduce to you what are the precautions in the use of iron oxide yellow pigment:

1. Before using the iron oxide yellow paint, oil the adjusting bolts and air adjusting bolts to ensure that the bolts of the bolt and the air cap are flexible.

2. Check if the needle valve gasket and air valve gasket seal book leak. Make it soft and facilitate sliding. The springs of the needle part and the air valve part should also be lubricated to prevent rust and facilitate the sliding and assembly of the gun and only spray air when adjusted to the light firing machine.

3. When using iron oxide yellow for work, be careful not to let the coating or equipment fall on the floor, otherwise it will cause certain damage, so you can no longer use it and be careful not to hit the spray gun.

4. When the work is suspended, the air cap and nozzle should be replaced in time when there is leakage, and the sealing gasket should be frequently oiled without any damage.

5. Do not disassemble the spray gun at will.

6. When unloading the spray gun with iron oxide yellow pigment, please pay attention that there should be no rubbish and paint on each rectangular part. The gun should be immersed in the solvent to prevent the paint from drying out and blocking the nozzle. The spray gun should not be completely immersed in the solvent, as this will damage the sealing gaskets of various parts and cause air leakage and paint leakage.


Post time: Jul-29-2020