Iron oxide red production process

  Iron oxide red has strong tinting power and is commonly used for dyeing, painting walls, and pavement color pigments. Everyone must be very curious about his production process! Huamei Chengde Iron Oxide Red Manufacturer will briefly describe this issue:

1. To obtain stable iron oxide red, solid purification technology of iron oxide powder must be used, and solid purification technology such as water washing and grinding must be used;

2. Iron oxide red refining process, the iron oxide powder after silicon removal is transported from the original acid regeneration station to the screening tank in the solid purification room through the iron oxide powder bin through the negative pressure gas, and gravity enters the washing tank after the primary screening , The washing tank is filled with pure water, so that the iron powder and water are mixed into iron powder slurry;

3. Gravity enters the secondary screening tank, the iron powder slurry from the secondary screening tank flows into the mixing tank by gravity, and the impurities in the iron powder are fully dissolved into the water by stirring, and the slurry from the mixing tank is pumped to the pressure by the slurry. The filter is dehydrated, and the dehydrated mud cake is sent to a vibrating screen to separate finer particles into a drying furnace for drying, and the dried iron powder is sent to a vibrating ball mill to grind to meet the requirements of the finished product;

4. Transported by negative pressure gas to iron oxide red bin for packaging and transportation.

Post time: Jul-27-2020