Construction Technology of Color Anti-skid Pavement

1. Requirements for plain ground: The concrete pavement foundation should be poured one month after pouring/asphalt pavement, and two months after pouring is completed, the colored ceramic particle pavement should be laid. The construction pavement should be dry and smooth. The uneven pavement will increase the amount of materials used.

2. Plain soil cleaning: Use a vacuum cleaner or a blower to remove impurities and dust on the road surface. If there are deep pits or breakages on the road surface, it should be repaired first.

3. Bottom coating construction: the special bonding primer (JH-107AB) for the outside and inside of the user is mixed evenly according to the ratio, and then used for construction with a roller. It is not necessary to paint the primer when constructing on the asphalt road;

4. Scrape resin bonding material: mix the color pavement special bonding material (JH-611AB) according to the ratio and use the tooth rake to scrape the construction; the ground is uneven, and the pits are completely filled with resin mortar material;

5. Spreading colored ceramic particles: Spread the colored ceramic particles evenly on the surface of the special bonding material for color pavement that has just been scraped and evenly coated, and completely cover the resin material; (Bicycle lane, sidewalk ceramic particle index, [1---2mm], Bus stop, highway, ceramic particle index [2---4mm])

6. Collect surplus ceramic particles: use a vacuum cleaner to clean the unbonded ceramic particles

Post time: Apr-23-2021