Chemical reaction when using iron oxide red

       Everyone knows that iron oxide red has strong coloring ability and its use is extremely common. Huamei Chengde iron oxide red manufacturer will briefly introduce the chemical reaction of iron oxide red in use:
  Iron oxide red generally refers to agents that remove free sulfur or sulfur compounds in fuels, raw materials or other materials; in the control and treatment of pollutants, it mainly refers to agents that can remove sulfur oxides in exhaust gas.
  1. Iron oxide red catalytic oxidation can help the direct reaction of SO2, accelerate the dissolution of CaCO3, help the rapid oxidation of CaSO3 to CaSO4, strengthen the precipitation of CaSO4, reduce the liquid-gas ratio, reduce the calcium-sulfur ratio, and reduce the evaporation of water. When the flue gas inlet SO2 concentration increases and is higher than the design value, the PH value in the absorption tower reaction tank will decrease, and when a larger Ca/S ratio is required, CaCO3 can quickly dissolve without the need to expand the absorption tower reaction tank volume. Increase the concentration of calcium ions, keep the PH value of the slurry in the normal range, and have a certain buffering effect on the pH value.

        2. Extend the operation time of the slurry in the working section and reduce the number of slurry preparations, which can significantly reduce the scale of the equipment, and the scale layer becomes thinner. After the machine is stopped, the scale layer is easy to fall off. Disperse and move the scale of the desulfurization system, reduce the siltation of the scale, and the addition of iron oxide red can play a role in scale and corrosion inhibition, reduce the clogging, scaling, corrosion, and wear of the desulfurization nozzle, and reduce the slurry The scaling, corrosion and wear of the circulating pump and impeller can reduce the maintenance and replacement of spare parts in the desulfurization system. Broaden the selection range of desulfurization materials and improve the reliability of the system.

Post time: Jul-23-2020