Briefly describe the characteristics of colored asphalt materials

20200909152125_1666Colored asphalt materials have been widely used in daily life. Many places use colored asphalt materials. How much do you know about the characteristics of colored asphalt materials? We together look.

1. Security
As a road building product, colored asphalt materials, like any road construction method, carry the functions of public transportation, and safety is a key point that cannot be ignored. Reliable quality colored asphalt materials can ensure the safety of vehicles and personnel, whether it is the wear resistance and durability of the raw materials or their high friction characteristics. At the same time, the effective combination of colored asphalt materials can make the traffic zoning of a certain area more obvious and understandable.
2. Environmental protection
In the environment of environmental protection that is struggling all over the world, another important keyword for colored asphalt pavement is “environmental protection”. The good reputation of colored asphalt pavement is largely due to its manufacturer’s strict raw material source control and production process control, whether it is the low-carbon environmental performance of colored asphalt pavement raw materials or the non-toxic and harmless nature of colored raw materials All have very reliable characteristics.
Three, beautiful
Of course, no one does not love the colorful artistic effects brought by the colorful asphalt pavement, whether it is the visual enjoyment brought to people’s travel on the traffic arteries, or the artistic style creation in parks, exercise venues, and theme parks. Asphalt pavement can always bring people a very pleasant color and texture.

Post time: Oct-14-2020