Application of Colored Asphalt in Gas Station

A gas station is a very dangerous place that can explode if you are not careful. So how can we avoid tragedies that we don’t want to see happen? In fact, the layout of gas stations can avoid tragedies.

Gas stations are paved with colored asphalt. Do you know why they are paved with colored asphalt? The colored asphalt paving at gas stations is similar to that of parking lots. In the same way, the colored asphalt at gas stations reminds the driver to park in an orderly manner when refueling, and at the same time remind the driver to slow down and park. In hot weather, to avoid explosion caused by high temperature, the use of colored asphalt pavement can avoid the thermal effect of cooling down. At the same time, colored asphalt can also slow down the dust and avoid spontaneous combustion of dust and air. The colored asphalt also has an anti-skid effect, preventing the vehicle from slipping and causing a car accident. Now you know the role of colored asphalt in gas stations.

Post time: Apr-19-2021