2018 Global Pigments and Dyestuffs Market Report: 2015-2022 Annual Estimates and Forecasts

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The report provides a single comprehensive analysis for the United States, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the rest of the world. Provides annual estimates and forecasts from 2015 to 2022. In addition, six years of historical analysis was provided for these markets. In addition, the report analyzes the global and regional markets according to the sales value (USD) of the entire pigment and dye market.
This report analyzes the global pigment and dyestuff market in US dollars. In addition, analyze the market in tons by the following product breakdowns:
1. Introduction, methodology and product definition 2. Industry Overview Pigments and Dyes: Widely Used High-Efficiency Color Solutions Nuts and Pigments Growth Drivers Facts, a wide variety of types, characteristics and multiple applications have driven a wide range of market adoption of dye types, their characteristics, and application types of organic pigments And their characteristic pigments and their characteristics are expected to grow steadily in the next few years. Developing regions will accelerate market expansion. The Asia-Pacific region will continue to be the world’s largest and fastest-growing market. Developed regions continue to generate important opportunities. Stable economic scenarios will help market expansion. The growth momentum of the global manufacturing PMI has driven the number growth3. Market trends, problems and driving factors Increasing competitiveness and demanding application requirements are driving the demand for special effects and high-performance pigments Strict regulations and sustainable products with excellent color quality and stability The rising prices of pigment intermediary consumers’ preference Technological innovations in laminate production and furniture and floor coatings: emerging applications, emerging sales, emerging markets, emerging countries: opportunity indicators: the increasing popularity of aluminum pigments promote healthy market growth for metallic pigments, silver shades based on metallic aluminum flakes: demand for metallic pigments The first choice for the Asia-Pacific region. The demand for metallic pigments for turbocharged materials exceeds the growth of solid coatings. The preference for increased substitution of metallic inks for metalized substrates. Strict regulatory shifts. Attention to sustainable product development. Graphic arts: important end-use innovations for metals. Stable automobile production, which promotes metal growth, provides growth opportunities for the OEM vertical market. Despite the challenges, metals are expected to usher in a bright future. The preference for enhanced performance drives the demand for dyes. Disperse dyes have a sense of opportunity. Fashion dominates the textile dye market in Asia. Environmental concerns in hotspots. Changes in the product portfolio of dyes have led to environmental changes. Liquid dyes drive high value in the industrial paper dyes market. The importance of expensive organic pigments continues to increase, which is conducive to market expansion. Textiles and plastics promote global demand. Paints and coatings represent the fastest growth. The healthy demand for zinc oxide pigments in various industries is expected to decline. The demand for the printing ink industry is expected to decline: A. The main focus of the organic pigment market. The booming armband market. The demand for shrink armband printing inks continues to grow. Inorganic pigments witnessed significant growth in demand The growth of urbanization index is driving growth. Multiple applications in the inorganic pigment market. Unparalleled advantages have pushed TiO2 pigments to a dominant position. Emerging titanium raw material processing technology. Steady growth of TiO2 pigments in nut shells. Key challenges hinder market prospects. Construction industry The numerous applications that have contributed to the growth of demand for iron oxide pigments. Positive prospects for the global construction industry. Industry: Important opportunity indicators. Special pigments show faster growth. Fluorescent dyes and luminescent pigments: Safety applications and essential tools in medicine to promote the The demand for environmentally friendly natural and organic dyes has driven the traction of organic dyes: organic dyes: a popular choice Biosuccinic acid: environmentally friendly ingredients used in the pigment industry The blue pigment industry faces regulatory issues4. Innovative and advanced technology. Advanced metallic pigments. Innovative bio-inks in TiO2 pigments: potential natural alternatives to synthetic dyes. Microalgae and microbial-based pigments: novel, innovative pigments that can replace borane for laser dyes used in the dyeing process based on liposomes The latest innovations in the synthesis of Parker’s biosimilar high-performance pigments in the polymer industry. Progress in dyeing technology. Air dyeing technology. Ultrasonic technology. Waterless dyeing technology. Limitations of waterless dyeing. Electrochemical dyeing. Electrochemical method based on vat dyeing plasma technology. . Production Process OverviewSulphate ProcessChloride ProcessDemand program is Titanium Dioxide PigmentCadmium PigmentsCarbon-PRODUCT OVERVIEWPigmentsOrganic PigmentsSynthetic Organic PigmentsPhthalocyanine PigmentsDiazo PigmentsMonoazo (aryl) Quinacridone PigmentsOther Cyclic Organic Pigments CakeQualityTonerQualityPowderClassification PigmentsTypesBlack PigmentsChromium Oxide PigmentsIron Oxide PigmentsLead Chromate PigmentsSuper Marine PigmentsOther PigmentsZinc Oxide PigmentsZinc Zinc Sulfide PigmentsComplex Inorganic Color PigmentsManganese Violet PigmentsIron Blue PigmentsBismuth Vanadate Pigments Keto dipyrrole diphosphazene dibenzimidazole dipyrrole dibenzimidazole dipyrrole diphenylamine is a direct dye, disperse dye, fiber reactive dye, vat dye, fluorescent whitening agent, sulfur dye, hetero dye, coal acid carmine, alizarin, lavender pigment and dye: Their difference 6. Competitive landscape. The integration of global market leaders in pigments and dyes continues to mark the global pigments and dyes market. Selected M&A transactions (2015-2018) in the world pigments and dyes market. Manufacturers focus on R&D investment to meet consumer expectations and regulatory concerns: Hourly demand The fierce competition in the global TiO2 market and high entry barriers are characteristic of the main challenges faced by TiO2 producers around the world. Issues related to the supply of raw materials and costs. Pricing pressure affects the profitability of industry participants. Western TiO2 producers are setting their sights on 6.1 Focus on the global selection of companies ALTANA AG (Germany) Asahi Ode Original Color Co., Ltd. (India) Atul Ltd. (India) BASF SE (Germany) Cathay Industries USA (United States) Clariant (Switzerland) Dainichiseika Color & Chemicals Mfg.Co ., Ltd. (Japan) DIC Corporation (Japan) Sun Chemical Corporation (USA) DyStar Singapore Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) Ferro Corp. (United States) Flint Group (Luxembourg) Heubach GmbH (Germany) Huntsman International, LLC (United States) Ishihara Corp. (United States) Kemira Oyj (Finland) Keystone Aniline Corporation (United States) Kronos Worldwide, Inc. (United States) Lanxess AG (Germany) Merck KGAA (Germany) Organic Dyes and Pigments Co., Ltd. (United States) Silberline Manufacturing Co., Inc. (United States) Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd. (India) Synthesia AS (Czech Republic) Chemours Company (U.S.) Shepherd Color Company (U.S.) Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd. (Japan) Tronox, Inc. (USA) 6.2 product release Hoover Color launched EnvironOxide iron oxide pigment Sun Chemical launched SunCure Aspire UV offset printing ink BASF launched Extended version! Red pigments for automotive coatings BASF has developed a new shiny UV pigment series Clariant has launched orange inkjet GR VP6102 and magenta ES VP6057 pigments Daystar developed an environmentally friendly indigo spraying process Huntsman developed HOMBITAN AFDC 101 TiO2 pigment Sun Chemical products introduced high-performance EPA yellow. Sun Chemical launched new Sunbrite, Perrindo and Quindo pigments for Merck blue pigments Merck launched Meoxal Victoria Red and Xirallic NXT Cougar RedLANXESS launched new Bayferrox iron oxide red pigment Vener launched ALTIRIS W400 TiO2 pigment Clariant launches Hostatint 100-F pigment 6.3. Recent industry events. In cooperation with Terra Firma, Heubach commissioned Philadelphia’s anti-corrosion pigment factory Dominion Color to consolidate the exclusive partnership between the Gemini dispersant subsidiary’s organic dyes and pigment inks and FarbenpunktDow. Toronto opened a new regional sales center SABIC acquired Mi ClariantX-Rite and Flint Group entered into a partnership Clariant entered into a new partnership with InterplastDIC in Australia, and the acquisition of AvloTronox extended the finalized time for the acquisition of Cristal’s TiO2 division. Ayd colorant product portfolio Acquired organic dyes and pigments company Millikan Chemical Company acquired Keystone AnilineDIC to expand its production of blue pigments at the Kashima plant. BASF and Landa Laboratories developed nano-pigment technology. LANXESS increased the production of iron oxide pigments. Fermentalg Bags shareholders have approved a partnership with DICFer and an ink distribution agreement with BrenntagChromaflo Technologies to open a new plant in India7. Global market view. Volume analysis of dyeing market pigment market B. Value analysis 8. Regional market perspective 8.1 United States A. Market analysis United States: the main market for pigments and dyes, the future prospects are still optimistic. Printing pigments: the fastest growing end-use market for pigments. The textile dye industry in the United States: Overview of the increase in the use of ferrites to promote iron oxide pigments The demand for the production of titanium oxide pigments has witnessed steady improvement in the growth of high-performance pigments, traction integration: industry trends highlight Asian producers targeting export markets B. Market analysis 8.2 Canadian market analysis 8.3 Japanese market analysis 8.4 Europe A. Market analysis Mature but growing market demand for high-end pigments drives market growth. High-performance pigments accelerate market expansion. Manufacturers focus on professional customized pigments to achieve surface, shape And size changes: the focus of the latest innovation. The re-migration of textile printing is beneficial to local pigment manufacturers. Unique water cleaning technology finds application potential in the textile industry. Chinese and Indian manufacturers dominate the European pigment market. Effect pigments market Regulatory Scenarios REACH regulations address new regulations and regulations for azo dyes. High-temperature production driven by regulations: key challenges. Strict standards and regulations can help companies gain a competitive advantage. Market analysis 8.4.1 French market analysis 8.4.2 German market analysis 8.4.3 Italian market analysis 8.4.4 United Kingdom A. Market analysis British pigments and dyes market-overview is expected to grow slowly and steadily B. Market analysis 8.4.5 Spanish market Analysis 8.4.6 Russian market analysis 8.4.7 Other European regions market analysis 8.5 Asia-Pacific region A. Market analysis Asia-Pacific region: the largest and fastest-growing region The market outlook is still optimistic Asia: the main market for textile dyestuffs, production of agricultural pigments and dyes in demand The company aimed at Southeast Asia’s titanium dioxide pigment market to boost the titanium dioxide pigment market. Market Analysis 8.5.1 China Market Analysis China has a dominant position in the world pigments and dyestuffs market. Over the years, stable output growth has been strong. The sluggish production scenario in the Western world has benefited the market. China’s leading dye production and exports have entered the restructuring stage. Promote innovation capabilities. Direct dye production: large output but few varieties. Overview of the Chinese pigment market. Pigment industry China: the largest consumer of inorganic pigments. Phthalocyanine blue industry faces challenges. Iron oxide: potential market. Titanium dioxide: growing concerns about the availability of titanium raw materials. Titanium dioxide market Market consolidation to alleviate the oversupply situation, high-performance pigments designed to increase revenue in the future will continue to face challenges. Market Analysis 8.5.2 India A. Market Analysis India: The world’s leading producer and fastest growing market Pigment and dye production pattern China’s regulatory implementation: the gospel of Indian companies Lower costs and higher quality products drive market demand for paints, Coatings and printing inks dominate the consumption of pigments. The domestic coatings industry provides promising growth opportunities. Excellent growth signifies the dominance of the Indian textile industry. The textile industry has a huge foundation and promotes the transfer of manufacturing units to Asia. The establishment of the Indian dyestuff market. Looking ahead to the Indian colorant industry: a macro perspective, competitive landscape, European REACH regulatory compliance, benefits, leading companies, differentiated product portfolios: the cornerstone of success, Marketplace, niche pigment and dye manufacturers in India: snapshot overview Aarti IndustriesNeelikon, food dyes and chemicals, and other major The key challenges and problems in the export scenario with the leading participants hinder the market prospects B. Market analysis 9. Company Profile Total number of company profiles: 285 (including branches/subsidiaries -303)
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